• Celia Marion

When I Die

Updated: Aug 17

When I die,

do not grieve for me,

for I shall be dancing

with the wind on the crest of the sea,

glittering in the sunlight,

shimmering on the sands.

Do not grieve for me,

for I shall be in the embrace

of All There is to Be.

If tears flow,

and your heart aches,

so let it be.


but grieve with joy for me,

and know that I have lived

each of my days fully.

Go, stand by the sea;

and close your damp eyes.

Sit with your sorrow,

and let it flow

with the song of the waves.

Turn your cheek to the breeze;

for with it I shall kiss you gently

with the deepest of love

that ever could be.

And lo,

though you cannot touch my lips,

and you cannot catch my laugh,

I shall be surrounded and filled

by the greatest of all love,

the Source of All Life,

and able to embrace you within m

as forever

as the sand and the sea.


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