• Celia Marion

Tree and I

Updated: Aug 17

How tall this tree

and so strong!

What wisdom flows within?

How willingly it shelters

and supports me.

What message

is softly whispering?


back pressed against

the gnarled but solid form,

I listen.

All is still,

except a breeze

across my face.

In an instant

I am pulled

deeply below

and stretched

infinitely above!

One with this tree,

pushing firmly into the earth

along the roots,

yet soaring high

among the branches in the breeze,

strength fills my body.


I am floating.

When it is time to leave,

yielding to physical separation,

there is a sense of loss,

but only momentarily.

The senses are forever changed.

I have only to close my eyes

in the dancing wind,

or climb to the top of the hill,

to touch its source again.


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