• Celia Marion


Updated: Aug 15

Life of all life,

the Creator of all creation,

guides me; provides for me.

I shall not want.

I am led to the depths

of my inner darkness,

to where the knowing

that I have forgotten lies.

I am led to rest, to meditate,

to receive guidance

by reconnecting with my Source,

my Soul.

Yeah, though I walk through the valley

of the shadow of Death,

through my own darkness,

seeing my own imperfections,

Thy teachings and protection comfort me.

I shall fear no evil.

I have what I need

in spite of the doubts that plague me.

I have what I want; I lack nothing.

All the days of my life,

I shall be alive with Life of all life,

and with Death of all death,

Creator creating,

One Being,

One and All always.


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