• Celia Marion

Only Your Self

Updated: Aug 17

Is there no one who can know

the depth of your sorrow?

No one who can see

the breadth of your despair?

Is there no one who feels

the sharpness of your pain?

No one with whom to cross

the chasm of your fears?

Do you feel that no one is with you

as in the darkness you crumble?

No one?

Ah, but I believe

that there is.

Deep in the shadows,

buried in the hole of loneliness,


is a small voice, a flickering flame.

That bright spark,

which is made in the image

of the Source of Life,

waits for the blackness to be defied

by your stare,

shattering it into fragments

that reflect new brilliance and color.

Then you will be free

to soar with love and compassion.

No one else can touch.

No one else can reach.

No one else can bring it forth.

No one.

But, having traveled the depth

of your darkness,

you can rise,

daring to be your Self,

and walk bravely by the Sea of Life

where it matters not

if footprints remain in the sand.


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