• Celia Marion


Updated: Aug 17

It is the poisonous stench

that rises from the swamp

of illegitimate self-pity.

It is fed by the underground stream

of poor self worth

and an inauthentic sense of self

built with imaginary pride.

How to respond to the invasion,

to the unwelcome dark cloud

descending and bearing down?

Sit awhile with that slimy monster.

Look it full in the face

without judgment.

And listen.

It tells of a sad loss of honest self-esteem,

of missing an awareness and acceptance

of one's own value

in the grand scheme of things.

This dark dissatisfaction and discontent

corrode the spirit

cancelling any hope of joy.

It takes great courage

and a sincere love of self,

given with gratitude,

to surrender to being

but a drop

in the Ocean of Life.

Some are not meant

to make a big splash,

but to be part

of the moving of the waves,

even lifting those who are.


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